Thursday 18 July 2013

The view from the swingseat

Spot the difference.

Midday today was perhaps not the best time

Gas mark 9 (475º F) for over an hour 
to add to the 30ºC (86ºF) outside?
(That's hotter than  Mumbai.)
Utter folly.


  1. The garden looks better without the totem pole.

    Could't you have barbequed the food?

    1. We don't have a barbeque at present, but in any case the mosquitoes would be a deterrent. The ponds are to blame.

  2. Difference spotted.

    Over here in NYC, the heat just about crossed the 100 degree F mark today. With humidity added to the mix we went right over that hurdle.

    My kitchen is not devoted to salad prep. I might blanche some green veg, or quickly boil a potato, but the oven is off limits.


    1. We are promised 95ºF next week but not at the moment suffering the same humidity as you.

  3. I have all these veggies from the garden co-op I have joined, and cannot roast them in the oven because our house holds the heat in summer. Every morning I make a main dish salad and we are primarily vegetarian in summer except for when my husband can BBQ some meat or chicken.
    You are having quite a heat wave over there!