Monday 15 July 2013

You turn your back for five minutes

While we were away 

having a jolly time here in North Yorkshire,

 riding on the North York Moors railway,

 climbing up to the Bridestones,

 visiting Castle Howard,

where they were filming Death Comes to Pemberley),

the neighbours did this

to this.

We used to call it the apartment tree
because so many birds used it on different floors.
Well they've all been evicted.
I do see that it must have deprived someone of light
but it looks ridiculous now.
I hope they finish the job.


  1. Your holiday looks rather good, especially the railway journey, one of my favourite things to do.

    I hope the neighbours do chop down the trunk - ot do you think they are making a Maypole?

  2. I look out on one of those trees and it is really rather splendid. It has grown in a space of its own and I laughed at your naming of the one you used to look at. Different birds truly do go in and out all day at all levels and it is fascinating.

  3. Wait...they are making a film out of Death Comes to Pemberley?
    I will click on the link post haste.