Tuesday 23 July 2013


During the course of works at the Retirement Home
I have unearthed many shards
of blue and white china.

Cathy has a few pieces missing from her collection
of willow pattern china.
Can I complete the jigsaw?


  1. Pretty :)

    I'm sure I should have something more profound to say, but all I can think of is whether I can recreate that blue on cloth with indigo.

  2. Aren't blue and white china fragments lovely?

  3. There were so many different china patterns being made one hundred years ago that it's surprising how many shards unearthed are Willow Pattern . A tribute to its enduring popularity .

  4. I collect transfer ware, but old blue willow is beyond my budget. Perhaps I can afford a few shards, though :)

  5. Paul Scott makes contemporary blue transferware with interesting subject matter that also references the traditional wares. www.cumbrianblues.com

  6. Ha! Not yet Lucille not yet....

    However, thirteen years here and still getting that thrill of spotting pieces lying on top of the soil from time to time. Particularly love seeing a white piece and turning it over to see if it has any blue on the other side.

    SUCH treasure.

  7. so much beauty in fragments