Friday, 19 July 2013

The view from the rug

The blanket came from Melin Tregwynt -
one for each of the children's beds.

I remember bringing this tree,
Gleditsia Sunburst, back from the nursery
in the boot of my car.

The old teak bench sat in the backyard of my childhood home.
It seems to be indestructible.

The book on the bench is
Queuing for Beginners -
the story of daily life from breakfast to bedtime
by Joe Moran.


  1. The blankets over my sofas came from there too. They cut them a particular length - long and thin - for our small chesterfields. Lovely company.

  2. Have just followed up on your book and ordered it for myself! Thank you for yet another good recommendation!

    1. I have just lent my copy to my carpenter as his holiday read. It's good for dipping into.

  3. Summer bliss...and You are brave to lend out your books :)
    Nice bench!