Wednesday 24 July 2013

Food fight

 There's been a great deal of cooking round here lately.
It can seem like quite a battle to keep
ahead of the hungry hordes.

Especially in a hot kitchen.

I am always astonished by the ratio of time taken to
consult the recipe books, plan menus, make lists, buy ingredients,
assemble ingredients, cook the meals, clear away and wash up -

to the time it takes to eat said meals.
That is not to say that I don't enjoy cooking for
and feeding friends and family,
I do,

but maybe I should plan an orderly retreat
 in which for one week
 each meal consists of just three ingredients,
preferably eaten raw
with your fingers.

Then again,
where would we be without 
gooseberry purée meringues
with a custardy cream made as per Nigel's Delightful Trifle,
with egg yolk, sugar, mascarpone and cream.
Indeed why not go the whole hog
and make the trifle too now that
blackcurrants are coming in.

I'm my own worst enemy.

Do you  ever suffer from catering fatigue?


  1. We have a fantastic book (circa 1990) called The Three Ingredient Cook Book which seems to be just what you're looking for! Genuine, quality imaginative food, but never more than 3 basic ingredients...

    1. How interesting. I wonder if that is where HFW got his Three Good Things idea from?

  2. Lucille, what delicious treats you do prepare for those fortunate to dine at your table. Perhaps you could enlist the aid of an "intern?" Surely, some of the folks who enjoy what you create might want to cross over the threshold to the kitchen where the magic occurs?


    1. I should have credited my younger student son, at present at home. He has crossed that threshold and is an enormous help.

  3. But you are very efficient I think, and make it look effortless.

  4. I seldom cook but your achievements are rather gorgeous.

    Your fist picture is almost a work of art - beatiful

  5. "where would we be without
    gooseberry purée meringues"

    You'd be at my place! No catering fatigue here...but no catering either. I think your place looks like a kind of gastronomic heaven

  6. I do indeed suffer from catering fatigue! Like you I love to feed those I love and enjoy the whole process of planning, cooking and eating but sometimes when we have ten at the table every night for a few days I have to resign and give the catering to my children for a day or two!

  7. I completely relate. I have taken to saying, 'WE will be making roasted beet salad with citrus vinaigrette today,' and things like that, in hopes that I will encourage my family to be aware that feeding the family involves help from everyone, even if that help is to hang up the washing. And sometimes, after I have slaved all day long to make a particularly scrumptious meal I will say, "I am NOT doing the dishes."