Friday 13 July 2012

You know it's been a bit wet when. . .

your son finds a mushroom growing in his bathroom,

and I find a snail in the car.


  1. Dear god, is this rain never going to end? Mushrooms in the bathroom and snails in the car? For goodness sake!

  2. How funny....

    We discovered out shower was leaking when a small mushroom appeared, but your son's fungal specimen is impressive!

  3. Nodding my head in recognition of both these "finds", but waiting for JofIndia's "you know it's been wet when..."

  4. "Rain, rain, go away ... come again some other day!"

  5. In one hundred years time children are going to be told that the most important post-war invention was the plastic Pac-a Mac . They'll learn that this simple item of clothing did more to counteract social isolation than the internet .
    I'm thinking of hunting for a plastic rainhood ... those concertina affairs that tie under one's chin . I'm sure they'll be making a comeback by the end of August .