Tuesday 3 July 2012

Crazy rays

 No. Not silver-fingered rays of sun

but the exterior light shining through an air vent
in the utility room after dark.

I will greet the sun, if it ever reappears,
with oblations and ululations.

Meanwhile,to get the circulation going again,
here's Nigel giving it his all.


  1. Extraordinary shots Lucille - love them. I believed the weatherman when he said it would be sunny this morning, I have got up and it isn't. It's still raining. Dammit.

  2. Ululations, eh? Will you video yourself and post it for us on Youtube?

  3. I like Rachel's idea; I'd ululate with you but couldn't manage the oblations at my age.

    Superb images.

  4. No real cause for ululating today but perhaps a small woop-de-doo for a guest appearance of the sun.

  5. Even your outside light's trying to get in out of the rain .