Sunday 1 July 2012

Spoil from the soil

Three bottles were excavated intact
during the digging of the foundations.

It was the best fun I've had finding a free gift 
since I last rummaged around in a cornflakes box
for a giveaway plastic parachutist.

It was always a plastic parachutist wasn't it?


  1. No, in our house it was generally free plastic divers that you had to put in bottles and they would dive up and down............ How I remember the arguments over whose turn it was to get the freebie!

    GREAT finds from your garden! I love the way that gardens harbour secret treasure.

  2. What a find in these bottles. I love them


  3. I don't think I ever got a plastic parachutist. I'd have rather liked one.

  4. I remember parachutists AND divers!

    Lovely to find reminders of long-ago people who lived where you do now.

  5. Time team, what great finds. I know the thrill of finding treasure, just yesterday I found pieces of blue and white china.

  6. I always got that magnificent sense of history and continuity from the plastic parachutist too. Your bottles are beautiful.

  7. We never ate cornflakes , she said sadly . My grandmother didn't agree with them .
    Though a younger , skittish* aunt did eat enough Force to get me a doll .
    *Skittishness , and the danger of same , was possibly the reason for porridge being preferred .

  8. Buried treasure is always a joy when found. Wonderful little bottles.

  9. I love your buried treasure too. But I remember cowboys - we ate Rice Krispies.

  10. I don't recall toys in cereal boxes but we had Weetabix, Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat with the occasional bowl of porridge thrown into the mix.

    Weren't you lucky to find those super bottles? Having an extension built are you? Exciting!