Friday 20 July 2012

Light play

That's more like it.

 There is just the faintest promise,
the vaguest hope,
the smallest hint,
of a fine weekend.


  1. Beautiful.

    Fingers crossed here in South Gloucestershire.

  2. Fingers crossed m'dear, for you and me.

    How do you clean your blinds? I haven't for the last three years so now I need advice, please.

  3. No I haven't cleaned mine yet either but I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could run your fingers along each slat wearing cotton gloves. These are rather flimsy wooden slats. My mother immersed
    metal ones in the bath, (not including the mechanism at the top.)

  4. Cleaning lady stepping in here re the blind cleaning: there is a gadget you can get (I think Lakeland Plastics do one) which you dampen and then slide along the slats, cleaning them two at a time. Trust me, it's THE most boring job to do. Better to just turn down the dimmer switch and pretend the dust is not there....

  5. Metal ones - in the bath with biological washing powder, long soak, rinse and dry. Works a treat for cookers too!

    Anything else - hard slog with cloths and Cif, in my experience, cursing the day you bought the damn things.

    Isn't it lovely to see the sun again? I feel almost human today.

  6. I love your photographs of sun and shade. There has been gentle sunshine in Salisbury and I can't stop smiling! Jane xx

  7. It's supposed to be warmer next week ... not that that would be hard ... but actual sun has not been promised .
    As for blinds cleaning , I have no magic trick to offer , though the Lakeland gadget sounds as good as any . I just have louvre-doored kitchen cupboards . Ghastly to clean !( Maybe because , since they're so ghastly to clean , I don't do it often enough ? )

  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. Perhaps I shall leave it a little longer then make an all out effort, maybe next year...