Tuesday 10 July 2012


It has been all action in my stretch of the street.

This would have been Paradise Row for my small sons,
who loved books about Diggers.

 And actually I found it pretty fascinating too.

The machinery is ingenious. 

A parade of the weirdest

but most specifically engineered hardware

has been sashaying and pirouetting,

rumbling and rolling

past my window for two days now.

 It was all beautifully choreographed.

 Nobody collided.

Not a bollard was displaced.

And then as if there weren't enough men in hi vis jackets
in the vicinity,

the orange crew arrived to work on the sad house next door.
I say work, but really this was far too diverting
and only their white haired supervisor-
a dead ringer for Leslie Nielsen-
kept his mind on the job.

Finally the largest beast was tenderly led away,
and put in its paddock to rest up for the night
and I was able to get my car out.


  1. Goodness, this took me back! An hour in drizzling rain, with small son holding my hand, rapt with the wonder of it all, as one of those huge beasts resurfaced the road next to our own. Must be at least 27 years ago now.....

  2. I love the smell of proper, old-fashioned road laying.

  3. I was out in our garage looking at two (only slightly) rusty toy Tonka trucks yesterday. They have to be at least 25 and I was remembering the obsession my son had with earth moving vehicles........ he would have been rooted to the spot watching all that going on in your road!

  4. What choreography! Far removed from the piles of wet gravel, tar and steam roller of my childhood. I used to be terrified of those.

    I hope the sad house can be brought back to life.

  5. Toffeeapple sent me a link to you, as she knows that I like big machines!! I would have got nothing done all day for watching all these beauties!!