Monday 9 July 2012


Still it rains,
but brings a certain sort of raw beauty withal.

Sales of mood boosting supplements
have increased because of the terrible weather
according to reports.

I say, go with it and sing along to this.


  1. Oh dear, weeping here at Dido. We did a production in college a few years ago and Dido was played by a lovely girl with a stunning voice, and every night I heard her singing this, I had tears in my eyes because she was so young and lovely and about to die. Which was very silly because she wasn't really. Then I heard it the other day on the radio and what with remembering this girl and thinking of my poor mum being remembered - in bits again. And now it's happened again! I realised the minute JN started that this is what it was going to be, but couldn't stop listening.

  2. Alison Moyet does a wonderful rendition of this.

    The sun is peeping through here this morning, BUT I can guarantee that if I get all my gardening tools together......

  3. There is a plus point to all this , though . The odd fleeting spell of sunshine is now a fabulous surprise .

  4. Such beautiful images from somewhat disastrous weather. I do hope that the flooding stops.

  5. Mood-boosting supplements? That would be gin?

  6. I just posted Billie Holiday singing 'Stormy Weather' on FB, and suggested maybe THAT'S why the weather is so gloomy. Just sayin'.

  7. Your photos are superb - a silver lining? My hometown had flash flooding downtown yesterday afternoon. The photos were all over Facebook. A friend's friend was killed in a mudslide last weekend. It has all been like some altered universe. We are having the loveliest of July's after the rainiest of Junes and the threat of flooding. I hope it gets better soon, Lucille!!