Thursday 26 July 2012

Summer pudding

Raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants.

 White bread.

Fruit briefly simmered with some sugar.

 Bowl lined with slices of bread
and filled with fruit in two layers.

Lid of bread soaked with remaining juices.

Refrigerate with weighted plate,
next to jug of mint lime cool aid (mine)
and bottle of iichiko Bar (not mine).


  1. That will be absolutely delicious, and the empty iichiko Bar bottle will make a fine addition to your coloured glass collection when it is empty.

  2. Perhaps this will be the summer that I do actually make this treat. Thank you for the inspiration.


  3. Oh yum!!! It's years since I've had summer pudding, now I'm craving some. I have just eaten fresh raspberries mashed onto buttered soda bread for lunch though, so I suppose I was almost there!

  4. Ages since I made this. Thanks for the reminder as well as the inspiration!

  5. I have never made or eaten this dish but I think I should like it greatly.

    What is iichico Bar?