Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sun bathing

Late afternoon and a sunny interval
lengthened and brightened into brilliant
spring illumination. 
It felt like being awakened from
a rather dreary dream.

Even this squirrel took a little moment

to sun bathe.


  1. We have a little sun here, too after March came in like a...sneaky snow leopard. Your photos are wonderful and artful as always, and I agree - Chocolate is essential for February. I just had a little fudge cookie with my tea.

  2. I like the playful shadows you (?) are making here. Even though it was brisk outside, the sun made me feel so much happier. I've filled the house with yellow flowers.

  3. What a beautiful shot that second one down is..........

  4. I adore the delightful figure in your opening photo. Who is she? Wonderful shadow shots.

  5. Love your shadow photos. Enjoy soaking up the sun, just as the squirrel does, as the sun returns to your world.