Thursday, 17 March 2011


In the end I decided it was time to prune the roses.

 And in the doing, I noticed that Spring

had continued

to unfold.

I've stopped looking for the missing piece of the jigsaw.
One day the picture will be complete.


  1. In the days when we lived as a family, and got a bit competitive about who would finish the jigsaw, it wasn't unknown for someone to hide the last piece...... Perhaps some stern interrogation of family members might jog a memory?

    That's a very pretty little daffodil you've got there.

  2. Your spring is ahead of ours. The forsythia across the street is just starting to bud, but it is so warm today, I am hopeful it will not be long at all.

  3. The joys of spring ...I shall enjoy your photos as spring unfolds herself to you.

  4. I am glad to have you back. Can I suggest that you may have underestimated the number of pieces required to complete that jigsaw? I think that the picture is bigger than you realise.