Monday 21 March 2011

Banishing Angelica

I devoted a large part of this afternoon
to purging the garden of self-sown Angelica.
It has a deep fleshy root which is more likely to snap
than emerge intact.
Then,feeling I should know more about this extravagant 
and vigorous plant, I found this
A Modern Herbal by Mrs M. Grieve,
and now see that far from treating it as a pernicious weed,
I should have been exploiting all its many virtues
as medicine and preserve.
We could certainly have done with many of its curative properties
in the last couple of days.

The root stalks, leaves and fruit possess carminative, stimulant, 
diaphoretic, stomachic, tonic and expectorant properties, 
which are strongest in the fruit, 
though the whole plant has the same virtues.
Angelica stems are also grateful to a feeble stomach, 
and will relieve flatulence promptly when chewed. 
An infusion of Angelica leaves is a very healthful, 
strengthening tonic and aromatic stimulant, 
the beneficial effect of which is felt after a few days' use.


  1. Hmmm - maybe I should plant some and feed it to my husband ;-)

  2. You can also cook it in sugar syrup and use it as decoration on cakes and biscuits. It's a very architectural plant isn't it?