Monday, 7 March 2011


With my mind fogged by domestic trivia :
the dimmer switch snapped for the second time,
kitchen lights blazing all night in the on position, naturally,
the CO detector shrillingly, unstoppably,
 beeping its power failure 
once a minute,
the rejection of my parking fine appeal
to take to the next tedious stage,
the parcels to return with their disappointing contents,
the parcel delivery missed 
during my brief foray into the back garden:
it took a real effort of will to notice and appreciate
that the sun was properly shining
and the crocuses and pussy willow
were trying really hard to please me.

And please don't let's even mention estate agents.


  1. Oh no - we all have days like that . Concentrate on what to do with those lovely jugs - and if you can't decide I'll happily take the Rye/cinque ports! What a great collection!

  2. Nature trying hard to please...people who often are too preoccupied... Great to see you are not one of them.

  3. But you DID notice the crocuses etc........ so there IS a little chink of brightness........