Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring windows

I took down the heavy draught-excluding curtain from the back door 
and put up an old Laura Ashley lace panel.
An act of faith; it could quite easily snow again.

A line of washing. The first this year,
including the Roman blind from the kitchen.

I liked the vast bright expanse of window by day,
but it was too black this evening.

The rocket from last year suddenly came to life
and flowered on the window ledge.


  1. What a lovely slice of your life.

    No, spring's here for good. I hope.

  2. That's a lovely botanical paper on the lower section of wall by the door!

  3. That top photo is a beauty. I echo Rachel's sentiments re the paper......

  4. That's a gorgeous piece of lace. Ethereal shots.