Thursday, 24 March 2011

March buds

Pussy Willow

A small tree which has its flowers before its leaves.
The young twigs and buds are covered with small hairs,
the buds are small and brown until the
large male catkins (with long, silky hairs
of a cheerful yellow colour)
and the small, thin, grey female catkins,
burst out of them.

Amongst the games recommended for March are:
Pig in the Middle, Beetle, Animal Snap,
Matchstick Tower, O'Grady Says,
(rules on application)
and Skipping,
(rhymes on application).

All from Something To Do.


  1. Along with how to make a matchbox church and how to look after a guinea pig. Excellent book.

  2. How I used to love to skip.........

    Still, on Monday a rising three year old marched in and said: "You ride Rudolph Cathy" as if it was perfectly normal for a fifty seven year old to ride the Christmas equivalent of a hobby horse! And what's more I did it.............

  3. Beetle! I haven't heard of or thought of Beetle for about 54 years......

  4. This photo would make a lovely greeting card...
    If the driveway dries out we'll skip :)