Wednesday 22 September 2010


I've found a skull in the garden.
Quite a large skull.
Not a bird, or a mouse.
Not a fox or a squirrel.
I've photographed it
and would like to consult
about it,
but first,
instead of showing it without warning
here are pictures less alarming,
more charming,
more comme il faut.

It has to be said though,
that a skull is certainly useful and
some might even say beautiful.


  1. What do you suppose it is? Large eyes, and big teeth. Hmmm.

  2. I have no idea, but for some reason, it looks a bit like a dog's skull, no?
    Very pretty nasturtiums. Mine are covered in aphids. Sad. What are the white flowers?

  3. What size is your skull?
    We camp in a veterinarian friend's bottom land in rural Texas. He is kind enough to bury the animals of whose who can't afford cremation. Sooner or later, after a big flood, the skulls float up, and the children delight in finding them, and those of other woodland creatures.
    We love our skulls, and feel they watch over us with a benign eye.

  4. Looking at the canines my guess is that someone has buried their pet dog.

  5. Rebecca, I'm not sure what the flowers are. Possibly Japanese anemone. They are in a community garden.

    I think the skull must belong to a cat. A young one by the look of the tiny teeth.

  6. Are you familiar with the so-called X-Files...

  7. I looked at this post just before bedtime last night and ended up looking at Google Images. I ended up having a fascinating trawl around badger skulls, dog skulls etc. I thought the skull looked rather like the images for "Cat Skull". Do you think the white flowers in your photo might be Cosmos?

  8. Yes I wondered about Cosmos too.
    Did I put someone off their coffee?

  9. Ooo-er, gruesome flashback to son's teenage years, and skull in bedroom with candle on top...

    Definitely cosmos -aka japanese anemones. I have some in the back yard that look like they'll flower for ever.

  10. Oh I didn't realise they were one and the same. Thanks.

  11. I think its a cat. White flowers with feathery leaves look like cosmos.
    Smashing brassicas!