Wednesday 8 September 2010


Dealing with the windfall
apples and pears* - 
Cockney rhyming slang for stairs -
while the rain came down like stair-rods.
How apt.
Inordinate effort produced
2 jars Sarah Raven's Spiced Preserved Pears,
2 jars apple and pear purée,
2 jars sweet apple slices.
They look lovely, but will we eat them?
I'm still catering for too many people.


  1. That's the problem: despite having a dwindling family, we still remain mothers/homemakers..... I still shop for 3, I still say "we" when I mean "I" regarding my house, and more oddly, I still find myself looking for little treats for my mother when shopping, even though she died 7 years ago....

  2. Had to skip over your spider post ... these look delicious.

  3. Beautiful photos of your labours; spiced preserved pears sounds wonderful. I am sure that the fruit of your labours will be eaten and enjoyed when family return and visitors arrive.

  4. I think that they are beautiful, indeed, but they sound delicious as well.

  5. Makes me feel so at home looking at this post, I adore domestic things like this, I look on in wonder and awe, wishing I could work magic like this too! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. It all sounds delicious and making it all must have been so satisfying !
    Our youngest left home years ago but I'm still filling our fridge full to bursting every week and the local ducks look downright chubby on our leftover bread .
    Sonata .