Tuesday 21 September 2010

Be flattered

Sometimes a day takes an unexpected turn.

You call by a friend's house, 
to see if the plumber ever came, 
and find that you are
being allowed to compare the qualities
of three beautiful 'cellos,
through an impromptu rendering of a few bars of
the slow movement of
 Schubert's B flat Trio*. 
Her talented son was on hand to play the piano
before disappearing back to Cambridge.

It was a lovely evening interlude.

*(I offered to hum the violin part but they politely declined.)


  1. sounds like you had a very special reception ...

  2. I shall draw a discrete veil over just how long it took me to get the "be flattered" title...

  3. Oh what beautiful music, what a wonderful way to spend some time with friends ...your humming may really have added to it!

  4. What a nice surprise! In my house, the best that might happen is that you arrive as the cheese scones are about to come out of the oven - amazing how many times visitors arrive at just that point!

  5. Oh, that would have been wonderful. My son was allowed to play a friend's cello on a visit and thought he broke it, though it was just the bridge sliding off.