Saturday 18 September 2010

The empty hammock

I have hardly ventured into the garden
this last week.
The hierarchies have changed.
Tall beans have toppled.
The plum tree is dwarfed by the Cosmos.
Webs catch the unwary.
The hammock
hangs slack.


  1. Oh dear, sorry about the house. And the parking ticket. I've just watched your free runnning (or whatever it is) video and it made me feel very ill! Amazing. But I wouldn't like my son to do that!

  2. This is so beautiful - both the photo and your words. Life changes in the garden as the season moves on. Lovely.

  3. I don't go down our garden much either now, it is in such a disarray and the onset of autumn unsettles me terribly.........

  4. Autumn, an empty hammock, the tidy and silent bedroom: all are natural and inevitable - perhaps best viewed as signs of success.
    But it all happens so quickly. Those who tended, cherished and nurtured are suddenly left with excess time and love on their hands.

    Fabulous photograph, by the way!

  5. this is a beautiful blog I enjoy visiting thanks