Sunday 26 September 2010

What not to look for in Autumn

Blackberries -

choose between wizened
or unripe.

Our meagre harvest today.

However yesterday,
out on the Ashdown Forest

the Ladybird book came to life.

Fly-agaric toadstools with their scarlet umbrellas,

A colony of fungi with shiny yellow tufts
called sulphur tuft.

And as a bonus:

an iron spring,

a teepee in a clearing,

an old orchard,

and a fine vine.


  1. What wonderful photos of the colour and treasures that autumn brings, it is such a wonderful time of the year. I enjoyed being out with you and your camera.

  2. the light in the grapes photo is beautiful ...

  3. The most amazing picture of grapes I have ever seen. You can practically feel the life-force!

  4. I love that old apple tree . I wonder what kind of apple it is .

  5. What to look for in Spring, summer, autumn and Winter - we had all 4 of those Ladybird books. (And many more.) Thanks for the memory. They do possess an innocent charm.

    Lovely pictures - your autumn is more picturesque than ours! Mud and grey skies are playing a big part at present.