Sunday 5 September 2010


Back in January 2009
I disinterred my Patch doll for this blog.
She had been separated from her sister Sindy
for forty years,
(I know not why or how)
and languished in a drawer
unsuitably dressed in her Sou'wester outfit.

She looked a little forlorn
and I felt badly about this,
but pushed the neglect to the back of my mind.
Then today,
a miracle occurred.
Through the unlikely auspices
of the local allotments Open Day
previously chronicled here
a reunion was made possible.

From out of a box of old books under a table,
priced 25p
(the ignominy)
Sindy emerged,

clinging to her dignity in the remnants
of her favourite Lunch Date outfit.
To be sure she had mislaid her tartan scarf,
black kitten heeled shoes, 
black handbag with chain,
and disastrously,
her diary,
she had been recognised for what she was - 
an original 1963 Sindy doll,
Made in England.
Now all she needed was a shampoo and set
and to be reunited

a little shyly at first,

with her naughty little sister


Now I really must find them some new clothes.
Sindy certainly had a Skating Girl outfit
when I last saw her,
and it's high time Patch went back to school.

Empty nest.
What empty nest?


  1. oh, what fun ... hope you post photos of their new outfits ...

  2. They always lose their shoes; I remember that from my Pippa dolls.

    To solve this problem, some of my children's modern dolls don't have removable shoes - instead, they have removable feet. And losing them is a far more alarming affair.

  3. Looking at these photos reminded me of what a lovely little face Patch had..... I was never allowed a Sindy or a Patch as I was told I was too old for dolls..... so you have as many empty nest moments as you like and I can sit and covet to my heart's content.

  4. Fun, but they wouldn't console me for my empty nest.

    Actually, Daughter 2 is home for the night. But then she'll leave again.

  5. How lovely for you to have the dolls together again; I didn't have these dolls so don't know anything about them. Have fun getting them to how you think they should be.

  6. I had these very dolls and how I loved them! I used to spend endless hours making outfits for them - Paul included! I also had their american cousin Tressy who was very sophisticated! Did you have the ski outifit with a blue quilted jacket, red ski pants and ski boots? Oh and the red pvc skirt and polo neck and ...... memories, memories!

  7. You just have to say aaahhhh