Thursday 2 September 2010

こんにちは *

Our son has flown. 
He touched down in Dubai,
took flight again,
fluttered briefly into Osaka,
thence to Kobe.

It's an awfully long way.
But I think he is going to have the most 楽しい time.

His room has a tatami mat

Autumn Millet Kano Sanraku 1559 - 1635

*I'm taking it on trust that this says 'hello'
in Japanese.


  1. I probably know exactly how you must be feeling. My son texts to say "3 weeks not long enough" in Vietnam/Cambodia; I'm happy that he is having such a good time, but really I'm looking forward to his return.....

  2. How exciting for your son, I do hope he has a wonderful time, how you must be missing him already. I cam imagine how you are feeling having had airport goodbyes - my daughter off to Canada and my son off to Germany then they both spent time in London as well. It is so good to travel and experience some of the world though.

  3. Happy landings to Son the Younger. Gap Years are all about embracing new experiences and squeezing every drop of fun out of them - I wish him luck.