Wednesday 16 September 2009

The Tiger who Came to Tea

Once there was a little girl called Sophie,
and she was having tea with her Mummy
in the kitchen.
Suddenly there was a ring at the door.

Of course it was a tiger.
He politely asks if he could have tea with them because he is very hungry.
And naturally they invite him in.

So the tiger came into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

The story is a classic, well worth seeking out at Abebooks,
but I particularly want to draw your attention away from the tiger,

to the kitchen.

Because if you would like a kitchen just like this one,

I have the very man for you here.

He belongs to this lady
and she's always a joy to visit too.

P.S I've got Sophie's tights so now I just need the starry china.


  1. oh - you complete and utter sweetheart! off to see Judith Kerr at the opening Right Now!!

  2. what a fun and lovely post! i can't wait to spend some time on katie's website and then trying to find the book:)

  3. 'The Tiger' is one of our favourite books - we have three copies at the moment all much loved and well thumbed. For Fathers' Day this year I framed my husband's favourite page as a present for him - it's the one where Sophie's daddy is siting down in the big blue chair and Sophie and her mummy are explaining why there isn't any supper. He says he feels a special empathy with him at that point.

    For myself, I would love a pair of Sophie tights - if I could have her purple pinafore dress to go with them.

  4. I can recite the whole book to you , even without the book . Youngest's favourite for years > Deliciously alarming !