Friday, 4 September 2009

Autumn cleaning

It is in Autumn that
I feel the urge to purge.

Along with the new broominess of a new academic year,
comes the
sorting my books, cleaning my paint box, sharpening my pencils itch.

So where better to start than the bathroom.
It's small and not too daunting.

A shiny bathroom cabinet has been delivered,
so away gungy tubes,
begone dribbles in bottles,
get thee behind me mould and murk.
(Have you any idea what this decorative object is?)

I have put my pinny on

(and no,you will not be seeing me anytime soon without the benefit of full exposure,
deep gloom,judicious cropping or any other editing tweaks I feel necessary
to face the world)

and am supplied with chocolate.

Turns out it was a lovely ship in a bottle.

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