Friday 11 September 2009

Full of beans

Pinto, haricot, black-eyed and aduki,
all destined for a big minestrone for the weekend.
Sustenance for sorting.

It's going quite well today,
I have a rat's nest of electronic cables and leads
to disentangle and label.


  1. So pretty in your polka-dotted bowl!!

    Glad it's going well today! I'm getting ready to read to my girls, then do a short yoga and then off to tackle the array of "uneccesarities" in the cabinets, attic, etc. (Getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow and new carpet on Monday...and well, just needing to declutter!!!)

  2. But what of the cables and leads you can't identify? The ones at the back of the kitchen drawer; abandoned on top of the stereo; forgotten in their boxes! Too good to throw away - and,maybe needed one day, if you can remember what for! Good luck with your sorting. Autumn always feels the right time to make a new start and create order.

  3. Every unattached lead and cable in the house has been brought out of hiding (especially the ones in the dresser drawer). If they are known duplicates or often triplicates, one of them will be Freecycled, if they belong to a defunct appliance they will be ruthlessly binned, if they are recognised and might be needed one day they are tied up and labelled, and if they are unidentifiable after each member of the house has been forced to scrutinise them, out they go. Well that's the plan anyway.

  4. Hmm. I know how to talk the talk. Unfortunately people have insisted that cables with names like ethernet extension hybrid dongle MUST be kept as a spare, so the rat's nest has been tamed but not much reduced.