Monday 14 September 2009

The Mikado

Tonight sees the opening performance of The Mikado performed by
the Cambridge University G & S Society
at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

Minack means a rocky place and was built by Rowena Cade
who bought the headland for just £100.
The full story of how she turned this place into an extraordinary open air theatre
carved into the cliff edge is told here.

Our eldest has been down there for the last two weeks rehearsing.
I have had to peer at the web cam
in the hope of catching a glimpse of him
as it is just too far for us to travel there for an evening.

These biscuits went instead of us.


  1. I worked at the Minack many years ago and knew Rowena Cade. It is a magical place and he will have a wonderful time. The CUGS soc used to sleep in Paul village hall - I wonder if they still do. I hope that the weather is kind.

  2. Yes they do! And so far yes it seems to be lovely weather. First night went OK except they missed out a whole song. Oops! How wonderful to have such a pertinent comment here. Thank you.