Wednesday 30 October 2013

Oh dear

she's put up pictures of her washing. 
Could do better.

Could be fitter too.
My Pilates teacher expressed surprise to see me
attempting an Intermediate session this morning
after a short break.
I'm thinking of taking up gymnastics.
It can't be too late can it?


  1. Good Grief !!
    No , not the washing ( lovely colours ) but the realisation that already Eighty Is The New Thirty .

  2. It'll be dry in a jiffy in all that sunshine. What's your stance on scented ironing water? Am I behind the curve in finding it a step too far?

  3. Your washing has the look of a bazaar in Marakesh

  4. Nice washing. Pilates, gymnastics - I'm exhausted just thinking of them....

  5. So kind of you to post the video of me doing my victory spin in last year's regional inter-university skating finals, dear Lucinda. However, I am *not* 86.

  6. I am sure you could do it - with just a little application.

  7. I'm going back to Pilates in November after a break of four months: wish me luck. I am also dreaming of taking up dancing classes: call me whatever seems appropriate.