Sunday 20 October 2013

Thunder and lightening

Warm enough to be out tidying 
the front garden in a T-shirt.
And then deluges
accompanied by thunder and lightening.
Very strange for late October.

I found a bag of last year's bulbs.
Rather wizened.
I have planted them in a fit of guilt.
Perhaps a miracle will occur.


  1. It is the oddest weather for October isn't it. Personally I'd rather like a few crisp frosty mornings before November's gloom sets in. I'm feeling rather cheated by October 2013!

  2. I have the self-same bag in my greenhouse - no idea what they are - might be worth planting them - you never know.

  3. I'm happy to forego frosty anythings, personally. Let's do spring next.

    You wicked person, you. Poor bulbs. Hope they do something. My dad once gave my mum daffodil bulbs which he found in the potting shed, telling her (in error) that they were onions. She put them in mince. This was not a good idea.

    1. Do they smell and look like onions once chopped? They must have made people very ill

  4. Once a friend dropped some old, sad snowdrop bulbs off the side of her front porch into the garden. She had been ignoring them and thought, well, if they were meant to live they would. The next early spring, they popped up as if they had every reason to thrive. Here's hoping for the same result for your bulbs! We are having a gorgeous fall, but I won't rub it in. I'm not sure what we are in for for the winter.

  5. For the past week it has been the same here - minus the thunder and lightning...but blimey - what to wear.

    Nina x

  6. I don't know what they smelt like, but I doubt it. I was visiting a friend at the time. My mum realised at some point that something was up. My dad said authoritatively that it was all vegetable matter and it would be fine. My brother declined to eat any. My mum ate one forkful, thought better of it, ate no more and felt a bit sick for the rest of the day. . My dad, who was never wrong (in his opinion...) ate his full plateful just to prove that he was right and then instantly rushed to the loo and lost it all. No one died!

  7. Ah yes, I recognise that guilt, and the hope too. Generally for me the miracle does not occur!