Monday 14 October 2013

Tobacco plantation

I've tried to grow tobacco plants
(nicotiana) from seed but without success.
This one seeded itself in a very unpromising spot
and has flourished.

I keep cutting the sticky stems
to bring inside where they release 
their sweet perfume in the evenings.

When they are finally over I will
scatter their seeds negligently
about the place
and hope to replicate the effect
that Nature has achieved.

Meanwhile on the bulb front
I am holding back on tulip planting until the weather is colder,
and fretting about whether I have planted the others deeply enough.
I read the instructions diligently and then dig every hole
only as deep as my trowel will manage
or until I hit a stone.
I doubt that this is as deep as it should be
to guarantee future years of flowering.


  1. I have similar luck with giant nicotiana sylvestris. Having given up entirely this year, I happily found three plants scattered in the garden late in the season. Two have matured to bloom and I am very thankful for this.

  2. I tried growing Nicotiana Sylvestris from seed, there seemed to be millions of the tiny little things but only one plant grew. I hope that you have good luck with your boradcaast sowing. The perfume from all Nicotiana is gorgeous.

  3. I have never had much with nicotiana plants either but I do love their fragrance - as for bulb planting, snap.

  4. I never plant them as deep as the packet says either but they come up fine. Lovelylovelylovely bulbs, so cheering in the spring.

  5. Looking forward to your spring beauty.

  6. Well, Monty Don is a trifle discouraging about anyone's chances of repeat flowering (tulips, at any rate), so I wouldn't fret too much. What I've found is that whatever is in the wrong place or clashing horribly with its neighbours is likely to thrive!