Monday 7 October 2013

The faerie glen

In a further defiance of my
risk averse persona,

I suggested that we should duck under a fence
in the dapply woods,

which had an invitingly worn footpath leading
away from it

into a ravine.

We followed a trickling stream 

down to the cliff edge.
Wonky horizon indicates the precariousness
of the footing.

There were comfortable tussocks 
and slabs of rock to sit on,
not too far above a sheltered cove.

We were not quite alone.

A young creature suddenly materialised,
seemingly floating up from the sheer drop.
He had very long hair,
a very long beard,
a curly waxed moustache
and was wearing,
a sort of dress,
a short stripy dress,
a bowler hat decorated with large white daisies
and carried a shiny pink satchel
messenger style.

We chatted amiably for a few minutes
about the inadvisability of our
climbing down to the beach
and then he carried on his way,
up the ravine.

There he goes.


  1. Are you sure he wasn't a figment of your imagination. When I first read this I thought you were referring to an errant goat.

  2. I wouldn't have believed a word of this if you hadn't posted photos! Delighted to hear how you are challenging your risk-aversion too! More adventures, please.

  3. Presumably wanted to tan his legs ?

  4. Not your average day to day, but perhaps it might have been so for your shore acquaintance.

    Useful or beautiful? Maybe both.

    This was a fun post to see! xo

  5. Striking scenes. Glad you have overcome your risk aversion.

  6. Crikey, you are getting more and more adventurous! I like your companion's dress!

  7. You could have been at Sombrio Beach here on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island by your description of the gentleman you met. Sombrio was for years home to a sqatters camp and had lots of interesting counter-culture types. The scenery is decidedly Atlantic however, so I'm happy to know your coast also has its diverting characters, too. Fun!