Friday 18 October 2013

The incoming tide

I look forward to the incoming tide.
At present the household is at a very low ebb
as once again we are scattered to the four winds.
I am standing on the shore
looking to the horizon,
first to the Land of the Setting 
and then to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Next year, if all goes according to plan,
 I will be the one in transit,
via the Land of the Midnight Sun.


  1. Oh dear. That is all far ahead of me, and I sympathise. It sounds like something that not even homemade fudge will cure.

  2. Beautiful images, Lucille.

  3. I enjoyed the guest post! I do not enjoy the scattering AT ALL - not in my own family.

  4. I do hope everything goes according to plan!

  5. Love the words you have married with these enticing soft images.

  6. the land of the rising sun - how exciting - not what you could call the UK at the moment