Sunday 27 October 2013


A bright but buffeting walk yesterday.

Stormy weather tomorrow.

If I had hatches,
I'd batten them down.
Instead I have located the candles and
the wind-up torch.


  1. I think we're okay re. candles ... the storm isn't due to hit here until dawn, but we'll be on it's northern fringe so fingers crossed it won't be too bad for us at least. Here's hoping the same is true for you :)

    Gorgeous photographs!

  2. I lost count of how many times people said to me (or emailed, texted, messaged) "Batten down the hatches". Instead I collected all the cliches I could find and used them instead of sand to fill bags at the front door to cope with the risk of surface flooding. In the event, all was ok. Hope you are too.

  3. There were no problems here, either. Good to know that everyone else is fine too.

  4. Very glad you survived unscathed and unflooded! We heard about it on our news. Quite the storms!