Sunday 2 September 2012

Quietly at Great Dixter

 We arrived early

 and although we could distantly hear 

Fergus Garrett the head gardener

mowing the meadow grass

and glimpsed one young man loping away

with garden twine

hanging from both back pockets,

it was a rare chance 

for the flowers

to make the loudest statements

in Christopher Lloyd's exuberant September garden.

Where the usual throng was that day
we never found out.


  1. How lovely and what vibrant colours. I have always wanted to visit Great Dixter.

  2. What luck you have had to have this gorgeous place available to view without any crowd distractions!

    Thank you for taking along your camera and sharing those photos with us.

    Best wishes.

  3. i loved great dixter when we went a few yers ago and lucky you getting it all to yourselves.....and the cat!