Thursday 13 September 2012

(Pull) The Other One

Here we are with The Other One on a rare day out together.

 Hurling large rocks never loses its appeal.

Improvising a game of clay pebble shooting,
shouting, 'Pull!'
and flinging stones simultaneously to collide in mid air,
is amusing for longer than you would have thought.

Turning back the tide,
well - we know that's not possible.
And anyway, there's a daughter-in-law
on the near horizon now 
and we're looking forward to that.


  1. Very rejuvenating, the seaside. Turns us all into children for an all-too-brief spell.

  2. They are super photos. What will you be wearing?

  3. That is a very vexed question which should have been answered by now Mise. All I know is that it won't include a hat and I will be forced to find an alternative to floral desert boots. I might throw it open to blog fashionistas.

  4. Can you not persuade them to run off to Las Vegas, as my daughter did? No angst about what to wear at all!

  5. I want to sit on a beach playing the clay pebble game...........

  6. What about Eileen Fisher? Long jacket and skirt?

  7. The tide goes in and out - now they need you, now they don't. It helps to remember that.