Sunday 30 September 2012

Low ebb

 It was about here that I realised
that I had lost my glasses.
An expletive was uttered.

They are rimless
with translucent greeny browny arms.

 This is the second time I have done this.

 I take them off to use the camera

 and hook them carefully into a buttonhole

 and then perhaps I bend down to roll my trousers up
to cross a puddle

 so that must be when they drop out.

You'd think I'd be wise to this mistake.

Thankfully my husband
has found them both times
on shingle!
He of the laser corrected eye
and a finely honed search technique.


  1. That creek was the expletive I uttered. Thrice.

  2. Wonderful images... almost worth the loss of your glasses..

    Don't suppose I could take out an oversea service contract with P to find my reading glasses - and all the other items I misplace on such a frustratingly regular basis...?

  3. You said "creek" three times and it made you feel better ? I must try it .
    (I now clench my specs between my teeth if I remove them to see anything nearer than the end of my arm .)

  4. Oh phew! You got them back again. I would have been banned from the beach the first time of the first loss.

  5. Your images are arresting and serene in spite of your anxious moments.

  6. Stick with him: one heck of a useful life partner. And maybe get one of those old person's strings to hang the specs around your neck.

  7. Perhaps you need one of those stringy things that attach to the arms of your specs?

    Stunning images.

  8. Now that really must have been like looking for a needle in a haystack!!!

    Gorgeous images, you make me long to walk on the shore!