Friday 28 September 2012

Sweet and sour

The build is going badly.
They left an unfinished roof unprotected
and the rain poured into the sitting room.
The build manager is a cad and a bounder.

The wedding is ever closer.
I have nice new red shoes
and a rose covered umbrella.
My hair looks terrible.

O. and I had a great day out on the town yesterday.
Lunch at Carluccio's, tea at The National Gallery,
free hand and arm massages at Jo Malone, supper at Mildred's.
Someone texted me just before we went into the film* to say
they thought they might have left the iron on
and just thought I ought to know.

I made cucumber pickles today.
Sweet and sour.

* To Rome with Love


  1. Poor Lucille. Blogtopia will not tolerate cads and bounders. We wish to send him a stern note. But I am delighted about your umbrella, and no, your hair does not look terrible.

  2. It is unconscionable that your builder should behave in that way! Don't irons turn themselves off?

    The wedding will happen regardless of anything else and your hair will look lovely. Smile, think of new shoes and flower bestrewn umbrellas!

  3. Truly a mix of sweet and sour. Hopefully the sweet is winning. Loving the sound of red shoes.