Friday 31 August 2012

No walk in the park

In August, two years ago, while walking in Greenwich Park,
I noticed tiny white tufts growing at regular intervals in the grass.
I bent down to examine them and found that they were plastic.
How strange.
Only later did I discover that they were markers 
for the Olympic cross country event.

 Yesterday, we attended the first equestrian event
of the Paralympics at Greenwich Park.

Great Britain's Natasha Baker posted the highest dressage score, 
riding Cabral in driving rain, 
which started just as she entered the arena.

The penultimate rider, Barbara Minneci rode Barilla,
an Irish Sport Horse, sidesaddle.

It was easy to forget why this was not just a walk in the park
for any of the competitors, 
who performed with poise and precision
on their light-footed horses.
 The commentator repeatedly asked for no applause
until the horses were reunited with their handlers,
so I'm clapping loudly now.


  1. The whole event is a credit to all of the people taking part. I bet you had a good day.

  2. This whole thing is incredible isn't it? How wonderful to be there.

  3. I'm clapping particularly at that Scarlatti, and wilting at the idea of ever trying to play it. No chance - I should have started the piano (I realise it's not a piano, but you know what I mean) sixty years ago. And also been someone else.