Saturday, 4 August 2012

Breaking into a light sweat

Stocking up on carbs and protein.
Celebratory glass filled.

I may not have got tickets,
and may never have excelled at lacrosse, tennis, 
netball or swimming at school
but I can roar encouragement,
and dish out expert advice for team GB on any sport now,
from the comfort of the sitting room.

Tonight Matthew I am going to be a champion heptathelete 
and runner.*

Edited to add: And so it was.

* Catchphrase from Stars in their Eyes.


  1. And I am going to be an amazing rower girl. Waiting for the heptathalon gold here too, loving every minute of these games.

  2. Husband's bike has remained in the back yard all week , untouched . There's far too much cycling to watch on television !

  3. it has been a wonderful games hasn't it?

  4. An emotional day for me - I cried with the rowers who just missed gold - got excited when Jessica wons hers and felt exhausted with emotion when Mo won the 10,000m. What a day!

  5. Han't it all just been wonderful?!