Tuesday 21 August 2012

In the Open Air

 Let's go to Cornwall I said,
to see the Laura Knight exhibition
'In the Open Air'.
Let's not drive.
We'll go by the midnight Cornish Riviera Express to Penzance.

We can 'sleep' in teeny tiny bunks,
and be brushing our teeth in Truro tomorrow.

When we get there we could choose whether to be
doused by torrential rain

or deluged by towering waves in the open air.

Better still, we could go on a four hour open top
bus ride to Land's End and experience both

in a breath snatching gale.

St Ives isn't far by train.
We can have lunch at the Porthminster Beach Cafe
which is dry and indoors

and then we can go to the Hepworth Museum

which is dryish and beautifully arranged.

Admire the restrained succulent and cactus displays,
both preferring to be indoors.

And finally to the Tate to see the best way to
enjoy the Open Air without trying to stay dry.


  1. Oh how I miss the glories of an English summer...

  2. Sue, when we got back to the b+b battered and soaked to the skin, the owner asked somewhat nervously how our day had been. 'Exhilarating,' I said.
    'That's the word I was looking for,' she beamed.

  3. It still sounds like a lovely trip. I did that same weekend by train a few years ago - but was luckier with the weather! Remember crab sandwiches and cold white wine on top of the Tate and searching for ages to find Bernard Leach's tiled grave.

  4. Intrepid aren't you?