Monday 9 April 2012

Easter round up*

'Not our cat' took up almost permanent residence
while his owners were away.
P weakened and bought a box of cat food.

The wisteria has survived my merciless pruning.

The cherry blossom could not have looked lovelier.

There were scenic walks.

Flowers from the garden.

Excellent birthday cards.

The 'children' laid on the Easter egg hunt.
I think we'll be finding them until next Christmas
they were so well camouflaged.

Even though the weather had deteriorated 
 this visiting Greater Spotted Woodpecker
brightened the final day.

* And speaking of Round Up,
I have always gardened organically,
but unless anyone has any better suggestions,
I think I may have to resort to a systemic weedkiller;
the newly exposed garden is carpeted
with ground elder.
I have started trying to dig it out...


  1. We still have one Easter Egg missing in action after over-enthisuastic hiding! I only hope the dog doesn't find it... I love your photos, expecially of the flowers and your walk. My mum had a never-ending battle with ground elder. I suspect she resorted to Roundup in the end.

  2. Your birthdays seem to have been rather lovely. Your images are just lovely especially the cherry blossom and the windmill.

    Not your cat is a magnificent creature.

  3. What timeless and serene vignettes; it's good to see standards being maintained as the weed encroaches. Did anyone give you a steam cleaner for your birthday?

  4. That has to be THE most elegantly hidden yellow egg........ Loving the way that cat has got its own way and like Mise, I found your post has a lot of serenity.

  5. It seems "not your cat" needs a shorter nickname ... for his occasional visits of course.

    Beautiful photos.

  6. Ground elder. Hmmm. The only thing I know to defeat it involves a lot of patience, a lot of digging out, and the final indignity: covering it with old carpet. You might not be up for that combo.

  7. You are the second person to come up with that answer so I may have no choice!

  8. Happy to be leaving the ground elder behind in my mum's garden...

  9. You can eat ground elder, as soup, you know. But it will always prevail.....

  10. That is a beautiful cat. I love orange cats. Wisteria, I believe, only grows stronger from merciless pruning. The cherry and the walk are gorgeous, and oh, what a lovely fireplace!

  11. I feel so fortunate to have friends that take wonderful photos of beautiful places so that I can enjoy them from a distance. Thank you.