Friday 20 April 2012


Robins have built their nest
in the tangle of ivy and clematis

behind the washing line

 which is right outside

the utility room window.

If the robins see me,

they take diverting action 
even as they arrive with a beak full of worms.
They drop straight to the ground
so that attention is not drawn to the nest.

This makes me feel dreadful,
as I can hear the expectant wheezing
rise in a shaky crescendo and ebb away in disappointment.
I have put up an extra feeder
in their line of approach
as compensation.


  1. How terrible that is, to be wrongly perceived as the Enemy of Little Birds.

  2. So, that's no peeking then, and no hanging out the washing until August!
    Oh, and no looking out of the utility room window either! But how delightful to have a Robin's nest so close at hand. Lucky you.

  3. You are very thoughtful, and it will be so much fun to watch them through the summer!

  4. What a viewpoint you have..... I would love to be that close. They will get used to you being around, I'm sure.

  5. What a view point. If you put up a thin lace curtain perhaps you could see them but they would not see you?

  6. I hope the robins are appeased :)