Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dream giveaway

I have described my dream garden here,
and my mind has not changed much since then.
I would make sure that there were plenty of bird feeders
and bee pleasers.
 I'd like to commission Celia Smith to make me
some of her scrap metal and wire birds

and I'd add a grove of silver birches

 underplanted with whatever these are.

I mention it because Cornflower
is hosting a giveaway here
in exchange for a description of your dream garden.


  1. Anne of Green Gables springs to mind straight away, sitting crosslegged in her long skirts amid whatever those flowers are.

  2. I think the pretty little flowers are pushkinias .... rather like windblown bluebells . I like your choice of garden ornament , too , and they're unlikely to eat tasty green shoots .
    But , if it were my garden I'd have to add an apple tree or two and lots of lavender .

  3. Those wire birds are wonderful.