Monday 16 April 2012


Walking through a field of lambs in springtime.
I think that could be added to the list of things
children should do before the age of 12.

Things not to do would include
standing on a rake in your own hallway.
Yep that would be me.
Luckily my glasses took the worst of the impact
and are still intact.


  1. When I was a child we had pedigree goats and used to chase them up the hill in the middle of our island like a bunch of Heidis, and gambol in the buttercups with the very bouncy newborn kids, bouncier than lambs, bless their long legs. Those were the days. What blighter left that rake there?

  2. Oh Lucille--those lambs are wonderful. Sorry about the rake...

  3. I agree with you re the lambs!
    Poor you re the rake, however. It's like one of those awful situations you would see in a children's comic of days gone by..... on the same level as tripping on a banana skin. Hopefully it was only pride that was hurt.

  4. Lambs: very good.
    Standing on rake: not so good. A bit like standing on your very own foot, which I have done. Don't let's add either of those to the 50 things list.

  5. Good grief, posing for a comic strip were you?

    I saw thousands of lambs last week in Scotland, such pretty creatures.

  6. Oh dear! (but chuckling away). I love the lambs - so sweet. I myself have a few silly injuries from silly mishaps these days.

    That spider tree is something to behold!