Wednesday 25 April 2012

Shall I wear purple?

Shades of grey. 
Waiting for the wisteria to flower.

I've decided to stop colouring my hair.
But I might try a violet streak when it has all grown out.
Can you still get a blue rinse at the hairdressing salon?


  1. Good for you, I haven't coloured my hair for many years but I wish it would go as white as my Uncle Bill's hair did, it was lovely.

    As for the purple streak - most definitely!

  2. I wish my hair would go as white as my cousin Lesley's did.

  3. We eagerly await a photo. Do you have a red hat that doesn't suit you?

  4. I LOVE being grey and also wish it was white... my grandmother went white haired before she was thirty. Lucky you to have a Wisteria - serious envy from here...........

  5. Mise: No, but I have started to gobble up samples in shops.
    Cathy: I pruned that wisteria to within an inch of. So glad it survived.

  6. I think so - I saw a decidedly lilac-white old lady just the other day.

    Go on, I dare you. I gave in recently when my grey roots were almost 3" long. Just couldn't do it.....

  7. I am at the wearing terrible shirts and growing more stage..... pah!

  8. My daughter just dyed her hair and it went the most extraordinary ginger... so I can empathise with hair traumas...I'm sure you will look great, it's fun to have a change.
    I always pick flowers from other people's gardens and by coincidence will be reading the poem at my book talk this evening!
    Jane xx

  9. We start fair and go white in my family. My Mum longed for steel grey and I'm sure I will too. Grass is greener and all that.

    Yes, definitely purple, unless you do a Constance Howard and dye it green!

  10. I keep stopping colouring my hair and then starting again because I want the top of my head back. (It seems to disappear through lack of colour.) I know I'll have to stop sometime but the lord only knows the day and time...