Wednesday 21 December 2011

Winter solstice visitor

Not one glimmer of sunlight
on this the shortest, darkest day of the year.
Here's some sun I saw earlier.

I think I may have made my last trip to Sainsbury's,
the one where I use up all my Nectar points.
I baked a ham.
O. made up a jar of Jamie Oliver's hot chocolate mix,
I will make waffles - a first,
and we will welcome a university friend from Chicago.
I can get her verdict on my peppermint bark.


  1. We had about 45 minutes of sun just before it set, so I am happy.

    Not sure about the chocolate drink...

    Enjoy the company of your visitor.

  2. On a positive note the days will start to get longer. Here on the Gulf coast of Florida it is unusually hot, it was 78 degrees today, blue skies and sunshine with no humidity.

    Have a wonderful time with your guest
    Happy Christmas and thank for your support and comments this year

    Helen xx

  3. The light you did find is very welcoming on that pretty flower.