Friday 16 December 2011

Sugar high 2

It is at this time of year that I begin to read about

peppermint bark on American blogs.

It is spoken of with real affection and slight nostalgia.
Layers of dark and light chocolate are
sprinkled with crushed red and white candy canes
 and  flavoured with peppermint.

I determined to make my own,
but nothing is quite the same here.
I had to use mint humbugs,
(rather more brown and white than red).
I wasn't sure if my cream was heavy enough.

There wasn't enough white chocolate in the cupboard
so I added a milk chocolate layer.
But I put it in a nice jar and saved the trimmings as cook's perk.

because that's traditional too,
and saved the trimmings as cook's perk.

The cook is feeling quite perked up now
and may not sleep tonight.


  1. Mmmm, I know what you mean, I'm similarly 'perked' up on chocolate truffle rejects, bits of Turkish Delight & Florentine crumbs all swigged down with a taste test of limoncello...
    That toffee looks good- I think I still have the sugar added energy to keep going...

  2. Are you not able to buy candy canes in your area? Bet the humbugs worked just as well anyway. The toffee/fudge looks good and I hope you are not too perky sleeping.

  3. I made fudge yesterday. Hubby came home and asked "have you been sampling the fudge?". Apparently I was a little perky myself!

  4. A former flatmate of mine once ate too much of my fudge in one go and turned purple - would it be wise to pop to the mirror for a quick colour-check?

  5. Hmm, yes - my 14-year old has been making (and sampling) fudge and is currently jumping round the living room (it's past 11pm). So I take your point! The peppermint bark does look really nice, too.

  6. I've made loads of peppermint bark this winter, it's superb. Sainsbury's have peppermint candy canes I have posted my first version here
    But I have made it with a layer of dark chocolate since and it was even better. I hope you can get the candy canes they do enhance the visual aspect, though I think humbugs sound super! And your fudge, scrumptious.

  7. That looks delicious! Well worth losing a little sleep over.

  8. Looks delicious. I refuse to make it as I know I would be so tempted to keep sampling.

  9. as long as you don't yet sound as though you've inhaled helium !

  10. That looks so lovely! It is the nostalgic treat type of cooking that makes Christmas a special time isn't it? Jane x

  11. Grandmother's have the best recipes don't you think? I can usually blame my Grandmother Eva for the sugar highs around here! And I can't way to try the May Toffee :D

  12. I could get high just looking at that last photo!

  13. I made white chocolate pistachio cranberry bark, and ginger cranberry almond bark the other day. The second is dark chocolate with white marbled in. I don't do fancy layers, just melt a pound of the best quality chocolate I can afford, spread it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and sprinkle the nuts and dried fruit on top. Easy-peasy! Yours does look good, though...wondering how it tastes!