Monday 12 December 2011

The Candle Factory

Demi-tasse cups, a Denby Greenwheat mustard pot 
and some posh yogurt jars,
wick cotton, sustainers, glue dots to anchor
the sustainer to the bottom of the pot,
pliers to squeeze the sustainer closed over the wick,
something to centre the wick in the pot,
eco soya wax flakes, a bain marie,
essential oils, (sweet orange and clove mostly),
 two pourings of the melted wax to eliminate a dip by the wick -

it's a fiddly business,
but completely addictive.
I can't pass a charity shop now
without eyeing up the china shelf for likely containers
and kind friends bring me things they find on their travels.
Some of the pretty vintage ones
have even gone into a local shop for Christmas
but they won't make my fortune
as I barely cover my costs.
It's just a bit of fun.


  1. they are addictive aren't they! I make them and so does a good friend. Not tried clove oil yet though, I must give it a go.

  2. I love the result of your creations.
    I have not made candles and would love to.

  3. Well, I think you will know that I just love that bottom photo! I can understand why you find it all so addictive.

  4. They are beautiful entirely.

  5. So pretty! I have been wanting to try making candles---inspired by you, maybe I will. Where do you get your supplies?

  6. Gosh, they do look good.

  7. I get my supplies from 4 Candles UK. (See also the famous Two Ronnies sketch of the same name)

  8. Ah! I've been collecting mugs for a different Christmas purpose. I need all white ones, but this is a great idea for all the other beautiful ones I've been rejecting.

  9. They do look nice, and if you enjoy it then so much better.

  10. I do envy you your woodstove. I miss having one very much indeed.
    I think I may have to copy your idea for next year! Two things I love are finding and buying bits of pretty china, and making candles. My husband and I made candles for years and still have the supplies...just need to find some nice wax.

  11. they're beautiful and i love the "smells" you've used .
    i'm addicted , at the moment , to little sweet/tart eating apples , baked in the oven with a good dusting of cinnamon . they make the house smell delicious , too !